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From autumn to spring open the tasting area at the direct sales business. The mushrooms are accompanied by other poor of the table, such as the potato Bologna Dop and ‘green asparagus Altedo IGP, to explain the importance in’ supply of these products are seasonal, fresh and the Bologna area, suggesting how to cook them, the choice to ‘purchase to the conservation and use more suitable.

The transfer of the concepts of planning, agriculture and nutrition content in mushrooms is a fundamental basis in the work of Valentina mushrooms. That is why, all the added value of the thirty-year history of passion, want to be told to students, tourists and tasters in the company, open to visits, direct purchase and events degustativi measure.
The goal is to enhance the uses in the kitchen, nutritional values​​, healthful and versatility of the product, which is often, for those in attendance, it is at 0 km. To be present on the territory and to communicate with their consumers, the company participates in the markets of Coldiretti Campagna Amica at Bologna in via the elbow, at the headquarters of Coldiretti in weekly meetings, such as in the extraordinary events around Italy.
In order to be closer to the end consumer, the brand Mushrooms Valentina, created day by day thanks to the confirmation of the consumer, has been “humanized” by the character of Valentina, a cartoon by the features of the modern woman, active and full of things to do, but always focused on how to feed herself and her family, thinking of trim and healthy. Here then is Valentina, “mushroom queen queen … like you” woman “that each day you want the best.” Quick to prepare, raw in salads, cooked stir-fry quickly, dietary and full of vitamins, Italian mushrooms are fresh, good and natural, versatile and economical solution for all requirements of taste and calories.
Since 2011 there are new products ready to be enjoyed: “Mushrooms of Valentina”, delicious preparations all potted plants.