Mushrooms in jar

by on Sep 23, 2013 in
Ready to taste. Using innovative cooking methods and secret recipes from the Borghi household, comes the product range in jars, “I Funghi di Valentina, ready to taste Italian delights”, these processed mushrooms respect and enhance the product, maintaining the perfume and flavour of when it was just cooked. Without any added preservatives or flavourings, these products boast carefully selected basic ingredients and immediate use which requires no further work before eating. Delicate combinations, revisited by tradition, and redelivered fresh and fragrant, confidently resolve the problem of impromptu dinners and empty cupboards. This line takes into consideration the needs of the modern family: using fast foods but still healthily and nutritionally satisfying, whilst maintaining flavour and indulging the palate. The mushroom is 90% water, full of fibre and fat-free. Even in the versions with extra-virgin olive oil, thanks to this cooking method the product is lighter and more digestible. Available in organic and integrated farming. Is the standard measure vessel “standard cee” of 212 ml, diameter of the capsule 63 mm and 180 grams of product. The company can manufacture different sizes of containers: from 40 to 120 mm diameter capsule. The product can be customized and made to trademark as required by the customer.