Organic Mushrooms

by on Sep 23, 2013 in
The production process of the organic mushroom starts with the compost from which the mushroom is born, following through the whole life cycle, during which no chemical treatments are applied. Once hand picked, the mushroom is carefully placed in the packaging and is not touched again, arriving, via the controlled chill chain, until it arrives at the consumer, whose only remaining task is to rinse it under running water and eat it also raw in tasty, healthy salads. The organic processed mushroom comes from cooking select basic ingredients, all organic, cooked using revolutionary machinery which work without oxygen and at high temperatures, allowing the mushroom to be cooked in a healthy way which retains all of its main nutritional values. The final product remains perfumed and tasty without needing to add anything. The product is picked and immediately sent for processing in the cooker, from where it is immediately put into jars still hot, then pasteurised and labelled, ready for eating, with no preservatives or flavourings added.