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From autumn to spring open the tasting area. Transferring the values of the land, agriculture and health into using the field mushroom is the fundamental basis of the work of Funghi Valentina, this is why all the added value of the more than 30-year history of passion needs to be told to the students, tourists and tasters in the company, open for visits, for direct purchasing and tasting events, also made to measure, at its working farmhouses, all of which aim to promote the culinary uses, the nutritional and health values and the versatility of the product which is often at no distance for participants. In order to be present in the area and communicate directly with its customers, the company participates in the Amica di Coldiretti Country markets, in Bologna in via del Gomito, at the headquarters of Coldiretti at weekly meetings, it also participates in other special events throughout Italy. With the aim of getting closer to the end consumer ,The brand created day after day thanks to the confirmation of our consumers, has been “humanised” by the character of Valentina, a cartoon with the features of a modern woman, always very active with many things to do fare but always attentive to how she feeds herself and her family always keeping in mind figure and health. So this is Valentina; “Queen of mushrooms… queen like you”, a woman, “who every day wants the best”. Quick to prepare raw in salads, quickly sautéed in a pan, healthy and full of precious vitamins essential for your body, Italian mushrooms are fresh, good and natural, versatile and good value for money, the perfect solution to suit all the needs of both palate and in terms of calories. Since 2011 there have been new products available to give that extra touch to “Valentina’s Mushrooms”, delicious, all vegetable preparations in jars, ready to eat, without neglecting health and flavour. To keep updated on the scheduled tastings subscribe to our newsletter.