Nutritional Values

The Diet

The diet aims to establish the relationship that should exist between groups of foodstuffs to provide each individual diets to meet their calorie requirements in the various health conditions, age, job latitude.

Each of us has a perfect diet and proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins – if absorbed in certain proportions – allow us to maintain or restore balance to the body in this case appears to be alternating morbid facts or incorrect feeding habits.
I fungi, containing only traces of fat and having a lower amount of calories than other foods, can contribute very well to help those who suffer from the line, to vary the diets and to make them more bearable, integrating them with the help of their aroma and flavor.
Examining the “menu” of dietitians mushrooms come in different preparations: in salads, mixed raw or cooked with other vegetables too, in soups or sauces to flavor rice or pasta cooked in water, special dishes from browning in the oven, combined with vegetables, white meats, fish, in omelets and fried food.
Even in the preparation of vegetarian cuisine there are several recipes with mushrooms. In this case it is to replace animal products with plant foods rich in protein; between these products, together with soy and sesame seeds, legumes, cereal grains, dried fruit oil, chestnuts, there are also mushrooms which contain, as we have said, from 3 to 5 gr. of protein per 100g. of fresh product edible. These, combined with dairy products, fruits, herbs, spices, allow you to follow a macrobiotic diet or otherwise naturist.

Funghi e chillies

Champignons Grown in our diet:

an unbeatable anti-aging as an ally of your beauty
More and more people are approaching, getting good results, new forms bio-healing, all based on alternative remedies and natural medicine.
Here then oligotherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, new catalysts attention of magazine readers and consumers. At the sound of “you are what you eat” and in pursuit of the coveted Wellness, much attention catalyze the foods in a robe now completely renewed capacity for healing, dietary and cosmetic industries. In this regard, studies operated on the product “Cultivated Champignon” highlighted, as well as the famous dietary properties, important news about the use of the fungus as a cosmetic anti-aging. Selenium is in fact the dial to be an important anti-free radicals, molecules, now infamous, able, with their wandering, damaging cells, making the skin more “old”. If time can not be stopped, it is true that a diet rich in vegetables containing selenium, as the fungus can slow down the rolling of the hands.
Essential in the diet of a woman for the low-fat (0%) and the high percentage of water (90%), the cultivated mushroom becomes an unbeatable ally for those who have deficiencies of phosphorus, calcium and iron and to provide a more balanced diet with vegetarian diets.
The best way to retain all the properties of the raw taste is cultivated Champignon, perhaps in dishes such as salads or pasta accompanied by colorful vegetables, satisfies without weighing it down, nourishes without getting fat. A food with no contra-indications, if eaten fresh … and quality.
Chenot is the theory of radiovitalità of foods, based on the principles represented by the consumption of foods simple, natural, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, though not refined or processed, which allow the detox from modern foods, actively harmful, through a proposed food even of short duration, during which should be established a better relationship with your body. French physician, an expert of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, chronobiology and hydrotherapy Chenot has transferred his knowledge of oriental in this theory addressed to promote the overall well being of the individual.

Vitamina B3

Name: Vitamina B3, Vitamina PP, Niacina/Nicotinamide
Aliments Content mg*
Steak 4.7
Rabbit meat 12.8
Tuna 10.8
Mushrooms 6.2
Green peas 2.3
Cashews 1.7
Rice 0.9
* Composition for 100 gr


  • Release of energy from carbohydrates and lipids
  • Antioxidant
  • Cholesterol-lowering
  • Vasodilator (niacina, flushing)
  • Headache premenstrual

More effectively with:

  • Three B-complex vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Chrome
  • Zinc


(RDA: recommended daily values ​​by UP 1996 – Italian Society of Human Nutrition) Children: 6-13 mg. Adults: 14-20 mg. Niacin is expressed as niacin equivalents as it also includes niacin of endogenous origin synthesized from tryptophan (1 mg. Niacin derives from about 60 mg. Tryptophan).


  • Pellagra
  • Muscular weakness, general fatigue
  • Headache
  • Changes in the skin, rashes, skin lesions, desquamation
  • Dizziness