Consumer Vademecum

Recognize the quality

The mushroom season is the beginning of rituals issues of buying a product on which reigns misinformation. The Mushrooms Valentina in support of the European campaign of Champignon, which has the product being promoted in its various consumption, has created a “handbook of the consumer”, in order to distinguish the mushroom quality. Here are the features:


signal important as the freshness of the complaint Champignon, retention of flavors and fragrances, you head touching the cap of the mushroom that has to be hard and compact


signal of freshness and above all quality of the mushroom, well-kept throughout the supply chain, from producer to distributor

the hat must be closed:

This is evidenced by the fact that the blades inside are not seen as a thin veil still binds the cap to the stem of the mushroom. It is a sign of freshness

the slats should be pink:

in the case in which the hat is opened, the fungus can be considered still good if the lamellae are inside pink or otherwise light color

the fungus must have:

  • deformations,
  • spots,
  • wormholes,
  • defects in general

does not affect the quality:

  • the size,
  • the fungus big or small has the same qualitative characteristics,
  • the choice of the consumer depends only on the size of culinary uses.

Finally, the fungus is not stripping, unless it is not dirty and / or damaged so evident