Environmental sustainability

The mushrooms are born with the energy of the sun!

Environmental sustainability is a very topical issue , but there Mushrooms Valentina has always believed , because his philosophy is to be born and grow a mushroom fresh, good and natural !

The founder, Oriano villages in 1980 had a clear head wanting to cultivate a healthy, safe and just put on the table harvest. Making agriculture is more a philosophy of thought, and to pursue it in a mission to create a product that respects nature and with which it is combined , softly and gently , you should be aware of their important role though small and identity with the territory that welcomes us .
That’s why the choices of Mushrooms Valentina will be redirected to the respect for the environment by supporting the identification with the geographical site where it is located.
The farm structure shows a nicely harmonized in a green area , was born in Bologna in the lower Po valley , fertile land and suited to ‘ agriculture, already known for products such as asparagus and potato for example.
The choice of an intensive cultivation in this’ area stems from the climate control and growth , creating specific conditions and appropriate to the fungus as in the woods.

Compared to the work of Mother Nature, the mushrooms Valentina applies relevant choices for the environment , for the safety and wholesomeness of the product:
  • air filters that allow you to use only clean and free from contamination
  • irrigation water comes from deep aquifers and clean, monitored and controlled
  • waste is differentiated and sent for recycling and disposal
  • the sewage treatment plant is a biological sludge
  • the company is fed into their energy needs only minimally with electricity : in fact, natural gas, clean energy and 200 kW of energy produced by solar panels, make the farm eco – environmental pollution
It is part of this philosophy, the choice of producing only the following methods of integrated and organic agriculture In the first case there is a specification that determines the rules to be followed by analysis and monitored by an accredited certification body , in the second it is a method applied throughout the supply chain and that implies the absence of use of any type of chemical
Consistent with this idea, the company only sells the product that cultivates and collects and buys from outside companies.