About us

Valentina is a modern mushroom farm in 1980 that cultivates the champignon (Agaricus bisporus), also known as mushrooms. The love of the countryside and nature were the guiding principles of the business idea. The same passion that leads to the award, in accordance with a ‘harmonious coexistence with nature, a natural product and good. Quality, customer service, respect for the environment, safety and security of a healthy product are the paths of research and modernization that make this company a mushroom farm specializing in the production of High Quality.


The mushroom cultivation is from a few years in Italy, Oriano Villages, 27 years old, he decided to embark on a new business venture. These were the years in which there was only the experience of an ‘extensive agriculture and subjected to continuous risks of climate and weather, hence the idea was born, instead of following intensive agriculture, repaired, maintained and followed meticulously and ability to decrease strongly treatments in the open field. Born the first 4 full crop, “tunnel” and the company took the name of the 3 year old daughter, Valentina.
The greenhouses are now 10, the company is recognized for their professionalism and quality, but to legitimize the thinking of the product as possible natural and untreated is the brand name “QC” “quality controlled”, the Emilia Romagna region, which was to certify to integrated farming companies and respectful of certain very strict limits, thus ensuring the consumer of the quality of the product.
Technology is evolving and was built according to the latest found a new business area with cultivation rooms and catering services, warehousing and freight forwarding fully integrated.
Is expanded and the latest modern structure.