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The traceability to Mushrooms Valentina is particularly transparent and secure as the company grows produces and sells only its own product!

Traceability: the term refers to the path from upstream to downstream, the ability to follow the production process from raw materials to the finished product.
Traceability means having the ability to trace the production process in reverse, from downstream to upstream, in practice the finished product at the origin of the raw material. The implementation of traceability systems is a valuable tool for enhancing the features of the product, the origin and territoriality and meet the expectations of the customer. In fact, if it occurs in non-compliance of hygiene-sanitary, lets go back to the point in the chain where the problem originated and proceed, if necessary, with the withdrawal of “targeted” product.

The ISO 22005:07 with which the company is certified UNI 10939:01 Italian transposing the rules relating to “System of traceability in the food chain” and UNI 11020:02 its “system of traceability in the agri-food companies” and applies to all the agri-food sector. This rule is intended to become the international reference document for the certification of agri-food traceability systems.
Check the history of the product that you have purchased by entering the number of the batch code that you find on colored cardboard packaging timber. To be informed about the information we ask you to enter some of your data. Soon you will be sent an email with all the specific information.

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