Italian quality since 1980

Making quality product in agriculture means to have love for your own product, give customer service with a safe product in its characteristic taste, freshness and commercial.

To do this and to maintain high quality standards the final product are needed so many elements:
  • Training clerk of collection, sorting and packaging of at least 3 months
  • Controls in several stages of the production chain: the picker, the coordinator stationed crop, the production manager, the warehouse manager, the commercial sale check that the product complies
  • Using high standards of product: white, mature at the right point, packaged, undamaged, closed and compact are the main elements of the selection already in the collection: the selected personally involved in the collection, one by one, to collect mushrooms and pack, the best and the most suited to the needs of the customer and the consumer.
  • Flexibility in developing the product “made to measure” for the customer effectively and efficiently.
  • Production structure cutting edge of technology with computerized controls of the product at every stage of the production cycle
  • System IFS certificate, was born in England in 1998, is an international model recognized by over 40 countries in Europe, North America and Australia, which aims to prevent accidents in the development, distribution and sale of food products to the consumer.
The operators market leaders have responded to the crisis by working together with the definition of a quality standard which binds to the fulfillment of specific requirements:
  • production sites
  • products
  • workflow
  • the behavior of people

The benefits for customers:

  • Major food safety
  • More attention to the protection of consumers’ health
  • Increased consumer confidence
  • Increase the propensity to consume food


Several certifications in the past and present have helped the company to achieve higher levels of efficiency and organizational effectiveness: ISO 9000, ISO 14000, EMAS, ISO 22005 and as of today: IFS international food standards, product certification, organic farming and integrated farming systems in the promotion of hygiene and healthiness of the product.
The company consists of 9000 square meters and large green area that surrounds it, blending and softening in the territory of the everyday work of more than 90 employees, mostly women, with an average age under 30 years. The collection, sorting and packaging of mushrooms is done manually and the formation of the binder lasts from 6 to 12 months, because of the sensitivity and specificity of treatment in the collection and processing of a product such as champignon: whiteness, firmness, aroma, closed hat and pink lamellae are characteristic data of the fungus just taken hold and quality.