Cultivated field mushroom

by on Sep 23, 2013 in
The cultivation in rooms tries to re-create the microclimate of the forest floor, thanks to software and experience, which expertly regulate the levels of humidity, oxygen, water and temperature. The compost takes about 15 days to go white, creating the hyphae which will become the first mushrooms, which, with sinusoidal progress, will gradually form, grow, mature, be harvested, and then re-grow again and so on, for three fructifications, called runs. The used compost is an excellent agricultural fertilizer thanks to the mineral salts released by the mushroom, concluding in a natural and non-invasive way, the natural cycle of the product. The cultivation temperature is kept at around 17°c, so the use of energy for heating and cooling is an area that Funghi Valentina has, always, worked, on to produce zero impact on the environment thanks to the use of solar energy from a comprehensive system of 400kw, which covers the roof of the building.